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The Natural Methods For The Bad Breath

Anybody suffering from halitosis (bad breath) naturally wants to cure their condition in the simplest, cheapest and most convenient way possible. This is why many methods have come up that claim to cure bad breath at home. Of course, it is always recommended to brush twice a day and floss daily in order to remove bacteria that causes bad mouth odour.

But there are other popular methods which have been proven effective enough in curing this problem. Here are some of the popular methods to cure this embarrassing situation with home remedies:
Zinc ions - Zinc has been proven effective in killing sulfur compounds and enhancing the smell of breath. It can be purchased in drugstores.
Drink lots of fluids - it keeps the mouth moist. For those who believe in Chinese medicine, the belief is that bad mouth smell is caused by too much heat inside the stomach. Drinking lots of water thus helps in rebalancing the body.
Remember, the keyword here is plain water. Other drinks such as citrus juice or coffee should be avoided or at the very least you should reduce consumption of these two beverages. This is because they have high acidic content which often becomes "fuel" for bacteria to generate more waste by-products that can worsen your breath. No other natural cures for bad breath can help you as much as a drinking several glasses of plain water. Try drinking approximately 8 to 10 glasses a day.
Apart from reducing consumption of those beverages, you should also decrease your consumption of high protein foods. The combination of various amino acids leads to the formation of protein and two of these amino acids are actually rich with sulfur compounds. These compounds are practically food for oral bacteria ingestion after which odorous waste-by products are released from your mouth and intermixed with your breath to become what is medically referred to as halitosis.
Instead, I recommend that you increase leafy fibrous vegetable intake to ensure lower occurrence of bad breath. Furthermore, fibrous vegetables contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to improve your overall health. And here's the bonus part, if you're an overweight person with bad breath, you're practically killing two birds with one stone with this approach. By consuming adequate amount of fibrous vegetables each day, you're not only able to reduce your excess body weight; you also stand to gain full control of your smelly breath problem.
And here's my final tip which I believe is one of the best natural cures for bad breath. Try to eat natural foods that are known to decrease halitosis levels. I'm referring to foods such as sugarless yogurt or parsley.
Sugarless yogurts are good for bad breath sufferers because they have been established by a Dr. Kenichi Hojo of Tsurumi University to have "good" bacterial properties to combat oral malodor compounds like Hydrogen Sulfide. This is sulfur compound responsible for producing the "rotten egg" breath. Parsley on the other hand, is rich with chlorophyll and this green pigment is an excellent ingredient for diluting unpleasant breath.
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