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The Remedies Can Deal With The Bad Breath

There a variety bad breath home remedies you may come across or read about in your search for information on how to get rid of this embarrassing and depressing problem. There are remedies you can buy from the drug store and there are simple recipes you can make at home, like a baking soda based tooth paste, all touted to cure stinky breath. In this article we intend to discover if these remedies really work.

Baking soda, among its many cleaning properties can help to reduce the smell because it lowers the acidity of the mouth. This is important because the bacteria that cause chronic breath problems breed more rapidly in an acidic environment. Baking soda and x ray floss machine can help fight this and that is why it is used in many of the breath remedies you can buy in stores.
Not all mouthwashes are going to be effective though. While the packaging may look like it is designed to help cure halitosis, many mouthwashes contain alcohol. Alcohol in a mouthwash will actually help to create bad breath because it will cause the mouth to become dry. A dry mouth is a perfect breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath; this is obviously something we want to avoid.
Consider these three top home breath remedies that you can create right in your own kitchen:
Create a gargle. Visit your health food store and pick up some myrrh gum, calendula and sage. Then mix all three ingredients together in equal parts and use 3-4 times a day. Don't refrigerate this mixture and keep it tightly sealed.
Spice it up. Believe it or not, there are some herbs and spices that naturally freshen your breath. They include anise seeds, fennel and cloves. Simply, throw your favorite in a small plastic bag and eat a few seeds after your meal.
Chew some parsley. Parsley is a favorite natural breath freshener. It is not just a great way to top off a dish, it contains chlorophyll, a natural plant extract that has natural breath freshening properties.
These breath remedies are sure to help clear up your bad breath. But remember, these are no substitutes for brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. You can also keep your teeth clean by eating healthy foods such as uncooked carrots, radishes and apples.
It is absolutely essential to have good dental hygiene to help keep your mouth free of bacteria and odors. Changing your toothbrush every three months is helpful too as bacteria can build-up on the bristles.
So you see, there is a way to overcome bad breath naturally. Don't be tempted to spend your hard earned money on breath products you don't need. Start out simply and give bad breath home remedies a try.
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