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We Can Get The Amazing Smile

In this article I will share an example of Hypnotic Visualizations and Affirmations that helped someone to achieve some of their goals. I had him list some of the most important goals they had and why these were important and how they would know they had reached them. We took some of these goals from their list and created a very simple yet powerful daily ritual for them to do to ensure they would achieve their goals.

One goal was to have dazzling white teeth and an amazing smile. Another goal was for him to improve his posture and overall appearance and discipline. So the first goal of whitening his teeth is more for the actual teeth to be whiter and the amazing smile is more about projecting that warm feeling that others can sense and feel.
He decided on the tooth whitening product like led ultrasonic scaler he felt would work best for him and I had him use the product as directed and then smile in front of his mirror with his back to the wall. So every morning or night or both he would stand with his heels and back against the wall and face his mirror and smile. He would imagine looking at someone he really liked and send them that warm feeling through his smile. He would be looking at his own reflection and sending feelings and thoughts of acceptance and respect and comfort.
Here are some famous Hollywood celebrities who have had cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve their smiles and give them the perfect dazzlers.
Miley Cyrus: Hannah Montana superstar, Miley Cyrus is popular among all age groups for her acting and singing talents. The star, who used to have misaligned teeth, has improved her smile using veneers. Besides, her gummy smile and her teeth that used to be a darker shade with slightly crooked canines are all a matter of the past.
Elliot Yamin: The American Idol star has invested quite a lot to get his snaggleteeth fixed. Veneers were used to cover up his smile, which, along with his songs, has given him a celebrity status.
Katherine Heigl: Heigl used to have crooked teeth. A few months prior to her wedding, she started using Invisalign dental braces. Everyone can see for themselves how good her straightened teeth look.
Keith Urban: He used to have a smile that would quite honestly scare people off, let alone sell out tours and multi-platinum albums. He got his teeth fixed using veneers. He chose to leave a signature gap in the front, to give a natural look to his smile.
Apart from these celebrities, other big names in Hollywood such as George Clooney, Gwen Stefani are also believed to have undergone cosmetic dental procedures to improve their smiles. If they can undergo cosmetic dental procedures to perfect their smiles, so can you.
Go ahead, and this winter, gift yourself a smile makeover. I'm sure, you wouldn't be complaining. In fact, the results would make you fall in love with yourself. And for all you singles out there, who knows, this new smile might be your ticket to the most amazing relationship of your life. Book an appointment with your cosmetic dentist right away. A brand new, intoxicating and enchanting smile awaits you.
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