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The Most Popular Teeth Whitening Options

One of the most common treatments cosmetic dentists perform is teeth whitening. In fact, you don't even have to go to a cosmetic dentist to have this procedure. Most dental offices have the equipment on hand to take care of your yellow teeth. Brightening up your smile will do a tremendous amount of good for your self confidence and overall appearance, and the good news is that there are teeth whitening options to fit most needs and budgets.

At Home Options
You can try bleaching your teeth at home without a trip and non water-bottle scaler to any area dentists offices. You can purchase home-use bleaching kits at your local drugstore. These have a bleaching gel with a low concentration of the whitening agent, a one-size-fits-all bleaching tray to place the gel in, and instructions as to how to bleach your teeth. It may also be in the form of whitening strips that you place on your teeth, or a paint-on whitening product that you paint onto your teeth and then go. These typically cost under $100 and provide fairly good results.
In-Office Options
The main benefit of whitening performed by dentists is the fact that it can make a big difference in a short period of time. This procedure uses a high-concentration of peroxide in the form of a gel that the dentist or dental technician applies to the teeth after placing a protective barrier on the gums. Over the course of an hour, the peroxide is removed then reapplied 3 to 4 times. For some patients, one session is sufficient, while others need more than one to deal with deep stains.
Teeth Whitening and Home Bleaching Kits
You can purchase home bleaching kits at any drugstore. These consist of a mouth tray and gel solution. You soak your teeth in the solution for at least 10 minutes. Though these have had successful reports, they aren't fully recommended by the American Dental Association. If you decide to use a home bleaching kit, be sure to follow the instructions carefully, and not to use more than is recommended. Another form of these mouth tray/gel teeth whitening systems is the prescription kind. Yes, your dentist can prescribe an at home teeth whitening system. This is more advantageous than the over the counter brand, because the dentist can follow up with you and make sure that none of your previous dental work is being effected by the kit.
Teeth Whitening and Power Bleaching
The power associated with Power Bleaching refers to the level of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide is the active ingredient that causes teeth whitening systems to work. For example, an over the counter teeth whitening toothpaste contains less than one percent Hydrogen Peroxide, while a few newer products do contain up to ten percent Hydrogen Peroxide. Some of the over the counter teeth whitening kits contain between 10 and 16 percent Hydrogen Peroxide, and a Power Bleaching solution contains up to 35 percent Hydrogen Peroxide. This procedure takes place in the dentist's office and consists of the high concentrated Peroxide solution and the use of bright lights. The results are impressive and last for a few years. If you are interested in Power Bleaching, contact your dentist for recommendations.
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