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There Will Be A Big Change On The Future Dentistry

Imagine going to the dentist 40 or 50 years from now? How do you picture your experience being like. Will people fear dentists in the future like we still do now? I imagine technology will one day create an evolution in this field the likes of which we have never seen before. For one I think people won't even remember what a root canal is like by that time as nanotechnology will help us do away with that all together. I not only see dental experts creating fake teeth that look very real out of molecules but also making new nerve endings that have been damaged by serious gum desease. Nanotechnology will one day make our visits.

Now these things won't be available to us for a while but there are also some very exciting technologies like dental air polisher coming out in the field of dentistry now as researchers at the Clarkson Advanced materials Center Have found a way to use nanotech to help protect almost any teeth from catching the cavity bug. They are doing this by polishing teeth with silica that is made from nonoparticles and the reason why this new polishing technology protects teeth from cavity is that this material is 90,000 times smaller then a tiny grain of sand. This kind of find smoothness makes it almost impossible for the bad bacteria in our mouth to hang onto the teeth long enough to form plaque. Now I understand that silica particles have been used to polish our teeth but the reason why this is unprecedent is that they have never been used at the molecular level.
All future dentists should have a doctor's degree in dentistry for their four-year education in an accredited college. Then they should do a residency or internship for a period of 2 to 4 years. To be able to practice this profession, the dentist should be licensed. There are a few specializations, in which the dentist could develop his skills. These are prosthodontics, periodontics, endodontics and orthodontics. Prosthodontics is a specialization for making dentures and teeth, periodontics is a special care for gum diseases, endodontics treat all kind of dental pulp diseases, while teeth irregularities are corrected by orthodontists.
You may choose one of these specialties in accordance with your abilities and interests. Your salary will depend on the kind of specialty you will choose. If you work as an orthodontist, your annual salary will be about 186,000 dollars, while prosthodontists earn with approximately 15,000 dollars less per year.
In order to become a successful dentist, the student should learn all basic dentistry procedures, practices, and concepts. Often, surgical interventions might be required, along with medicine prescriptions to treat different dental conditions. The dentist should be able to determine the problem and choose the most appropriate treatment. When necessary, he should fill cavities, remove tooth decays, make use of plastic sealants to place them on teeth, to replace teeth, etc.
Surgery might be required in case of teeth malformations. In addition, the dentist should be able to advice on all preventive measures that should be taken to keep teeth as healthy as possible, such as how to brush them properly, how to floss and make use of fluorides, etc. He should encourage his clients to regularly come to his office for checkups to prevent complications of such conditions as tartar, dental plaque and decay. When necessary, he should work with anesthetics, to take impressions for dentures and crowns and fit bridges.
Dentist should develop some additional abilities to perform accurately all manual procedures. He should have perfect judgment and visual memory, to make quick decisions and to have perfectly coordinated movements. Having good communication skills is not less important to make clients trust you, especially if you intend to work as a self-employer..
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