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Teeth Brushing So Important To The Oral Health

Bright or dull smile, which one do you have? If it's bright, keep up brushing teeth well and if it's dull, no worries - there's a chance to make it bright. All you need is to do it more carefully. Most of us, our parents showed us brushing is healthy, but that doesn't have to be the case with your kids. You can actually show them its fun and pleasant too. If you've three year old, they definitely don't see the reason to, thus you may need some tricks to make them wash their mouth easily.

Sometimes all our kids want are sweet and good looking things. Thanks to manufacturers today for yummy and funny looking tooth pastes and brushes. Did you know they are available with pictures of cartoon characters, dinosaurs and so on? This is actually what makes brushing time fun and you no longer have to worry following them to wash their teeth.
How long have you been using your toothbrush and teeth whitening machine? I am sure its long enough. Nevertheless, the required time is less than three months. Toothbrush used for long periods tends to develop germs in the bristles and they are unfit for your hygiene. Most importantly, if you've a sensitive gum or have suffered a mouth disease at one time, then make sure you use a toothbrush with soft bristles.
Dentists say that one of the most common mistakes that many of their patients make is choosing the wrong type of toothbrush. When you are buying a toothbrush, you will probably notice that some say "soft", "medium", and "hard". Even if it has the American Dental seal of approval on the packaging, it does not mean that it is appropriate for your gums and teeth. Instead, you need to look for a toothbrush with rounded bristles and is labeled "soft". A toothbrush that is too hard will harm your gums and wear your teeth over a certain amount of time. Many dentists will give their patients a toothbrush each year when they come for their visit. However, it is recommended that you change your toothbrush every three months.
The toothpaste that you choose also plays a big part in how well your teeth are being taken care of. While there are many fun flavors to use, not all of them have the appropriate ingredients to prevent tooth decay. You also do not need a large amount of toothpaste for brushing. Instead, only a pea-sized amount is more than enough. When you see large portions of toothpaste being applied on television you can be certain that it's nothing more than a marketing ploy. After applying toothpaste to your brush, the recommended motion is small circles in a gentle manner. Start at the gum line and brush to the top of the teeth on the up strokes and to the bottom of the teeth on the down strokes. Do not forget your back teeth as well.
When you've finished brushing your teeth make sure to brush your tongue as well. This will help you to avoid halitosis (bad breath). Since most germs that cause bad breath reside towards the back of your tongue, you'll need to brush back as far as you can for at least 10-15 brushes then work your way toward the front of your tongue. This may cause you to gag, but it's better for you to gag while doing it then to have a member of the opposite sex do it on account of your breath.
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