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The Home_made Tooth pain Relief Methods

When your child winces in pain, parenting instincts take over. But do you know the best way to tackle a toothache? Whether your little one complains of a loose tooth after playing in the yard or your older child has unexpected tooth pain in the night, you can naturally and effectively administer toothache pain relief until you can visit with a dentist.

Here are some of the top natural tooth pain relief remedies that you can do at home:
Using Pain Medications at Home
Next, give the child an oral anti-inflammatory medication appropriate for his age. Try administering a liquid version of the medication; a chewable pill may be difficult for the child to take.
Clove oil also works as a topical analgesic and antibacterial to provide toothache pain relief. Apply the oil using a cotton swab. Gently dab it on the affected area around the tooth. Alternatively, visit a 24-hour pharmacy and choose a child-safe over-the-counter oral medication containing clove oil and dental curing light as an active ingredient.
Gargling- Gargles are among the best remedies for not only for sore throat but for aching teeth as well. They are very simple and convenient to prepare. All you need to do is to mix a couple of teaspoons of salt to a glass of cold water. Stir the mixture, and use it in lieu of your commercialized mouthwash. You can do this as often as you want or as needed.
Brush your teeth- Did you know that brushing your teeth is one of the best natural tooth pain relief methods? Brushing your teeth can greatly improve the condition. Look for toothpaste that contains high levels of fluoride. This can be done more than twice a day. Brushing your teeth can help alleviate the pain.
Chew an onion- Besides being a main ingredient in most dishes, onions are effective as natural tooth pain relief. Onions contain both anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties. They can ward off bacteria that reside in your mouth and even in the holes and spaces in between your teeth. Some of the time, brushing and flossing your teeth with  some especial dental equipment can still leave some bacteria alive. Onions work by killing all the germs that you cannot see. This may sound disgusting but the mouth provides bacteria and germs a breeding ground for them to multiply. So every now and then, make sure that you take in something that contains ingredients that can kill them. And onions can help you with this. Just slice a few onions and chew them raw.
Indeed, many are wondering which natural tooth pain relief methods actually work. With the help of this article, you know now what to do the next time toothache comes knocking inside your mouth.