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The Cheap And Effective Home Teeth Whitening

I think it is nothing new to mention that teeth are great part of human outlook. To some extent they are the reflection of one's personality. Your smile may be a focus for many people, however, until or unless it is dazzling, bright and shiny. In past few years people were more concentrated about the uniformity and ideal shape of their teeth. However, nowadays, color is also getting great popularity. It does not matter how smart and healthy your teeth are, if these are stained and discolored then you will obviously feel discomfort and conscious.

There are numerous causes of discoloration of the teeth. Sometimes, the use of antibiotics and excessive intake of drugs and win affect your teeth color. The most contributing factor in the discoloration of teeth is the use of soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, nicotine and food. The use of these food items make enamel surface weak and it cracks and becomes stained. However, if you are also facing discoloration then there is nothing to worry about. There are several teeth whitening procedures and solutions available in the market. You can easily go through with them.
Here are my top some inexpensive homemade teeth whiteners chosen for their efficiency and convenience :
Peroxide : yes, the little brown bottle that you put on cuts and that bleaches your hair is perfectly safe for your mouth. Hospitals use this to disinfect small abrasions in the mouth and it will freshen your breath too. Use like a mouthwash.
Baking Soda : a mild abrasive that will clean your teeth without damage. Works best combined with hydrogen peroxide. Make a paste and leave on your teeth for a few minutes, then brush of with regular toothpaste.
Strawberries : the malic acid in the strawberry will work to loosen dental stains crush one strawberry and spread over your teeth. Works even better when mixed with baking powder ( but will not taste as good...)
Use these homemade teeth whiteners how often you want and mix and match the different methods and ingredients however is more convenient for you. You will see a gradual whitening effect on your teeth. Although some of these methods can work quite well for you, please do not expect a drastic change. For a real whitening effect, you might need a real teeth whitening product like ultrasonic scaler.
Between the various over the counter products such as dental curing light available, an individual must choose the one that is most suitable for him. A dentist may be consulted to take his advice regarding the choice of products available. Care must be taken when using these products and they must be used only as per the directions given. Therefore getting pearly white teeth is not that difficult with so many options of teeth whitening available.