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Latest Teeth Whitening Techniques For The Sparkling Smile

The latest advancement in laser whitening gel is used with an in-office laser that results in a very fast and effective bleaching system. The gel and wireless curing light are  applied to the teeth after appropriate gum and mouth soft tissue protection is placed. Then, a laser light is used to activate the chemical in the gel that has been especially designed to absorb energy from the light and quickly penetrate tooth surfaces. This technique results in a very fast laser whitening effect.

The ZOOM teeth whitening system is an example of this type of system. The length of time needed for full color restoration of course depends on the amount and type of tooth enamel discoloration apparent. Although very fast, many dentists are wary of this process due to the potential of gum and soft tissue discoloration.
Laser Tooth Whitening
Laser tooth whitening is often considered a top of the line cosmetic treatment for bleaching teeth. Your dentist will have to perform this procedure. The procedure itself involves application of a clear bleaching gel to your teeth. A special light causes crystals in the gel to absorb energy coming from the laser light. This in turn penetrates your tooth enamel resulting in whitening. Usually this procedure takes two or more hours to complete. Laser tooth whitening is not an inexpensive choice however. The average cost is roughly $600, but may be more or less depending on multiple factors. Laser treatments usually also have to be repeated once or twice every year. So unless you plan on making a hefty investment, this may not be your best choice.
 Bleaching Strips
Bleaching strips and other products that whiten teeth like Crest white strips and dental x rays are another affordable and easy way to brighten your smile. "White strips" as they are called usually help whiten teeth without the hassles associated with trays full of gel. Most of the time all you have to do is apply the strips roughly 30 minutes two times every day. These products tend to work fast, with results evident within one to two weeks of daily use. Some people start to see results within the first couple of days of treatment. You can wear strips while bathing, watching TV, driving to work or even reading the morning paper.
Teeth whitening toothpastes are the cheapest and most convenient way to whiten teeth at home. However, the results become visible only after several months of use. Whitening toothpastes contain abrasives that remove surface stains from the teeth. Unfortunately, the harsh abrasive may wear away the enamel.
You may require several treatments to achieve the desired results with teeth whitening products for home use. Choose the whitening product that is most convenient for you to use and is compatible with your budget and lifestyle.