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Cosmetic Dental Procedures For The Perfect Smile

The field of dentistry has made many advances in the recent years. Just a few years ago many of the procedures that are available today were not only unavailable, but also believed to be not even feasible. Cosmetic dental procedures are one such aspect of the field of dentistry that have seen a number of advances. Today, the patient has a number of options to improve his appearance and get that coveted beautiful smile.

We as human beings have always valued beauty. In fact, the looks of the person are the first thing most of us notice when we meet someone. If you have a beautiful smile, you'll make impression on other people. It is a way to obtain their confidence and friendship. For this reason, people have been trying to devise better ways to become beautiful since times immemorial. However, only in the recent years have reliable scientifically backed procedures become available. Cosmetic dental procedures are one such option.
A number of cosmetic dental procedures exist today. Some of these include teeth whitening, dental veneers, lumineers, dental implants, etc.
Teeth Whitening
This procedure is the most used cosmetic dentistry treatment by dentist in Holborn. Teeth get discolored by food, drinks (such as coffee, red wine or tea), poor oral and dental hygiene or smoking. These substances cause the teeth to change their color to gray, brown or black. The dentist London uses a bleaching liquid to get rid of the stains and restore the natural white color. The cosmetic dentist uses the ultrasonic scaler to make the smile beautiful and attractive.
Dental Veneers
Composite or porcelain shells are bonded with a strong adhesive on the front tooth surface. Dentist in Holborn uses the procedure to hide chips and cracks. Dental veneers can also conceal irremovable tooth stains and worn appearance and improve the beauty of a smile. Normal dental hygiene practices can be carried out without damaging the veneers. Cosmetic dentist uses veneers where whitening can not succeeded and to conceal spaces between teeth. Porcelain veneers are most expensive type of veneers. The high cost can be reduced by dental insurance. Most dental insurance providers do not cover cosmetic dentistry.
Dental Implants
The implants are artificial tooth roots used for replacing lost teeth. Replacement of artificial teeth is a branch of cosmetic dentistry known as prosthetic dentistry. In addition to improving the smile, dental implants also result in a youthful appearance. Replacing lost teeth restores a collapsed face which is caused by gaps in teeth. Once healed you can brush and floss your teeth for good dental hygiene.There are many kinds of dental equipment will be used in teeth replacement.
Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant is more expensive than getting a bridge, or partial denture, in the beginning, but in the long run may save you money. Many insurance plans will cover the price of the partial denture, but not the additional price of the dental implant. It may be in your best interest to pay the difference out of your pocket and get the dental implant.
The partial denture will stay in place in your mouth because there will be wires that wrap around other teeth to hole it in place. Over time those wires will cut into the teeth they are wrapped around. When this happens you will start to experience pain, and you will have to have the anchor tooth repaired by getting it capped, or in worst case scenarios, the anchor tooth will have to be pulled.