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Something About The Mouth Bacteria

In my last article we discussed the benefits of a good oral regiment for staying healthy and keeping your teeth for life.

Did you ever wonder about oral bacteria and what it does in your mouth? I will discuss it today.
Oral bacteria exists in the billions in your mouth. After you brush all you do is take them down to about 20 million bacteria in your mouth.
Here is what they do. They consume sugars and starches to form an acid. This acid causes cavities and bad breath.
These bacteria form into a sticky film that covers everything in your mouth. Have you ever had that nasty sticky feeling in your mouth?
If not controlled by a good oral routine these bacteria will form a plaque or scaling around your gum-line. This is why you need to see your dentist every six months to scrape this plaque away. Again if left unchecked your gums will become irritated. They will bleed and become soft. This is gingivitis a gum disease that is treatable if not left unchecked.
Your gums may even peel away from your teeth. In this case the bone is threatened. When you get to this stage surgery will be needed to save your teeth and general health.
Some recent studies have concluded the dangers of oral bacteria concerning your heart, liver and other vital parts of your body. Oral bacteria has been linked to heart attack and stroke.
Maintaining good oral health i.e brushing your teeth and flossing regularly with dental wax pot is one way of preventing this organisms. However, saliva is the guaranteed way of prevention since it contains enzymes that fight this organisms. In fact, reduced saliva-flow can actually encourage bacteria to enter into the bloodstream.
Did you know that there are more than 500 living and breathing micro-organisms in our mouths? Well, what's even interesting is that of all this, only 50 have been named. As if that is not enough, more than 100 species of bacteria can cause mouth diseases. A good example of mouth bacteria is streptococcus mutant strain, this deadly organism thrives in refined sugar and is responsible for cavities and teeth decay.Something you will use dental curing light during you daily dental care.
Obviously your dentist will be in a good position to tell you more on mouth bacteria, their trends and how to deal with them. However, i can guarantee you that they are of many kinds. The most common ones include; streptococcus salivarious, streptococcus mutants and actinomyces. Anaerobic actinomyces is also a common type and requires oxygen to grow.