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(3-5 Days Arrive) 23L Class B Sun Autoclave Sterilizer Vacuum Steam + Printer For Medical Dental Beauty Nail Salon
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NSK has engaged in technological challenges for many years, working with customers around the world to develop effective solutions. NSK is representative of the absolute juggernaut that is Japanese manufacturing. Always the innovators, NSK makes no attempt at emulation. Joining forces with the American company Brasseler, combines two companies focused on developing new technology, and building on their already superior electric handpiece designs. We have developed high performance products through strengthening our global R&D focus.

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Root Canal Treatment Motor  (1) Ultrasonic Scaler  (1) Push Button Handpiece  (7) Wrench Type Handpiece  (1) Air Motor Handpiece  (1) Straight Nose Handpiece  (1) Contra Angle Handpiece  (3) Handpiece Unit  (6) LED Ultrasonic Scaler  (1)