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Woodpecker® EMS Compatible UDS-P Ultrasonic Scaler


Woodpecker® EMS Compatible UDS-P Ultrasonic Scaler

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Item Description

Woodpecker® EMS Compatible UDS-P Ultrasonic Scaler


1. Four fuctions: Scaling.endo,automatic water supply system(optional) and LED
2. Atuomatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine always works on the best frequency and performs more steadily .The optional fuction :automatic water supply system.
3. The handpiece is detachable and can be autoclaved to the high temperature of 135 and pressure of 0.2Mpa.
4. Digital control ,easy operation and more efficient for scaling.
5. The curing light can be used along with BSC-US13 Ultrasonic scaler, utilizing its ultrasonic power to provide electricity for the curing light .More convenient and practical.
6. ight pieces of scaler tips attached, 1pcs of E1,P1,P3,P4D,G1,G4,G5,G6.
7. Compatible with EMS's handpiece and tips.


Power input: AC100V-240V 50/60Hz 1.2A (Max)
Main unit input: 30VDC 1.3A
Output power: 3-20W
Output half-excursion force : <2N
Frequency: 28kHz±3kHz
Water Pressure: 0.01MPa~0.5MPa

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