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Home Dental LED Curing Light Wireless Curing Light Being Curing Light Tulip 200A LED Lamp

Being Curing Light Tulip 200A LED Lamp

Being Curing Light Tulip 200A LED Lamp
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Being® Curing Light Tulip 200A LED Lamp


1. Unifies with LED curing light
2. Strong optical output power, maximum to 1800mW/cm2.
3. Five treatment modes: Turbo, Normal, Soft start, Pulse, Pulse soft start
4. Time setting: 0~60s for LED curing light
5. Full color LCD display
6. Interchangeable battery pack, with both seat charger and direct charger
7. LED cold light output can treat all dental tissue
8. Alarm for low voltage
9. Discontinuous operation: in the mode of whitening, the time-gap should be over 3 mins between two operations 



Size of host:φ33mm
Weight of host: 250g
Grading: Ordinary,B type,Intermittent working
Working volt:  100~240V ( A C)
Working mode: LED Curing Light, 5 working mode (optional)


Type: Lithium Battery
Battery capacity: 2200Mah

Optics Parameter

Wave length: 420—490nm
Luminous intensity: max reach 1800 mW/cm2




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