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COXO Endodontic Apex Locator C-Root IB Canal Finder

COXO Endodontic Apex Locator C-Root IB Canal Finder
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COXO® Endodontic Apex Locator C-Root IB Canal Finder


1. Adopting the fifth generation circuit in the area of apex locator, based on the multi-frequency closed circuit human body's oral cavity.
2. Works irrespective of any fluids or blood in the root canal.
3. Autoclavable accessories to avoid cross infection.
4. Equipped with self-check circuit to guarantee the accuracy by adjusting the program data beforehand!
5. Compact, stable, ergonomic design for easy handling.
6. Colored LCD screen and piezoelectric buzzer.
7. AC or DC battery-operated for the dental apex locator
8. Beeper Alert: When the Display Number <=0.5, Beeper.
9. High resolution, color LCD display enables exact visualization of the file tip position.
10. Battery power is indicated on the LCD screen.
11. Contact point of root canal file is made from high quality metal.

Technical Parameter


1. Detactable area: 0, 0.5, 1.25, 2.0 (the corresponding direct current impedances are: 3.7K, 4.6K, 10K)
2. Accuracy: the tolenrance of the corresponding direct current K is no more than ±10% when display the above data.
3. Beeper alert: when the display number is 0.5, beeper alerts.
4. Voltage range: AC110V±10% or AC220V±10%, DC8.5V-9.2V
5. Continuous working time: no less than 2 hours when the battery is enough
6. Safety requirement:
   A. Equipment category: II, inner power
   B. Model: B Model
   C. Power: single phase, supplied by the net power source
   D. Input power: 10VA
7. About transportation and store requirment:
   A. Ambient temperature range: -40℃±70℃
   B. Relative humidity: 20%-90%
   C. Atmosphere pressure range: 700-1060hPa
   D. The contra angle electrode chuck, which touches the patient, must be sterlized with high temperature and high pressure adter every using, then can be used for the next patient. The shell of the equipment and the wire should be cleaned with 75% alcohol every month.


Package With

Apex Locator Main Unit x 1
Detective Tips x 2
Connection Wire x 1
AC Adapter(100v/240v) x 1
Battery 9V x 1
User Manuel x 1






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