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SKU:CX-D-YGTHJ-110 Voltage: 110V

SKU:CX-D-YGTHJ-220 Voltage: 220V

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Home Dental Lab Equipment Dental Amalgamator COXO Digital Amalgamator Mixer 350tr/mn SR-043

COXO Digital Amalgamator Mixer 350tr/mn SR-043

COXO Digital Amalgamator Mixer 350tr/mn SR-043

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COXO® Digital Amalgamator Mixer 350tr/mn SR-043


1. This kind of amalgamator which is controlled by a microprocessor can ensure precise, controlled, consistent mix. 
2. Maintain the oscillation range of mixing range frequency and width, also your selected time(1-99S). 
3. The rotation mode operates according to the "8" shape
4. With the Amalgam preparation and the performance of SYG200 amalgamator, it provides the clinical perfection you need.
5. Safe Operation: The machine will stop working when you open the cover in case that people get injured caused by high speed movement of the machine 
6. For Its ergonomic design, the machine is easy to use and clean, runs stable, extremely quiet. Easy maintenance 
7. The amalgamator is used to mix silver with mercury in capsule, and makes alloy in best manner. So the quality of teeth recovering level is elevated. 
8. It is used instead of the former manual method, not only takes easy but also decreases the mercury pollution in dentist room. So it’s health for the human body.

9. SKU: CX-D-YGTHJ-220



Electric safety: Grade Ⅱ,Type B
Power supply: AC 110±11V,60Hz or AC 220±22V,50/60Hz         
Power consumption: 200VA
Oscillation freq.: > 4000/Min.
Fuse: 2A(220V) or 3A(110V),φ5×20mm
Working temperature: 5℃~40℃
RH: ≤80%
Storage circumstance
Temperature: -40℃~+55℃
RH: ≤80%
Mixing frenquency 4350 tr/mn(cpm)Amplitude 25mm
Functioning intermittent Programmable mixing time 1-99s 
Dimensions: 31 x 29 x 20cm 
NET Weight: 3.5kg