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Victory Root Canal Finder Apex Locator V-AL-I

Victory Root Canal Finder Apex Locator V-AL-I
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Victory® Root Canal Finder Apex Locator V-AL-I

1. Large color LCD Screen - to expose the moving trace of the reamer clearly
2. Self-calibrating -  to bring the accuracy at any time
3. Multi-frequency operating system - to ensure the accurate measurement in any condition
4. Different tones of the sound indicator - to inform you the trace of reamer
5. High capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery -  to prolong the working hours
6. Auto power off completely - to extend the duration of battery
7. Autoclavable reamer holder and contrary electrode -  to avoid cross infection

What can our apex locator offer you?

For your eyes
Its exquisite figure provides your eyes with the esthetic sense enjoyment.
Its color and slim screen exposes you the visualized file’s movement.

For your heart
Its latest multi-frequency technology frees your heart from worrying about the inaccurate measurement. 

For your body
All the autoclaved accessories prevent you from cross-infection.

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