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Home Autoclave Sterilizer 12L Class N Autoclave Sterilizer Vacuum Steam for Dental Lab Beauty Salon

12L Class N Autoclave Sterilizer Vacuum Steam for Dental Lab Beauty Salon

12L Class N Autoclave Sterilizer Vacuum Steam for Dental Lab Beauty Salon
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1. LCD display,user friendly interface.
2. Unique touch panel with easy clean surfaces.
3. New slide safe lock design, easier to open & close.
4. Automatic deaeration and depressurization.
5. Short cycle and high volume pre and post vacuum pump for perfect sterilization result.
6. Efficient safety systems, pressure release valve, computerized diagnosing, alarm system.
7. New design with easy cleaning surfaces
8. Exclusive traceability system
9. Stainless steel chamber
10. 6 cycles of sterilization
11. 16 security systems
12. SKU: KR-D-12L-110    KR-D-12L-220


1. Capacity: 12 liters
2. Power input: AC110V/220V; Power output: 1200W
3. Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
4. Sterilization programs: 1 program
5. Drying: Door closed
6. Deaeration and Depressurization: Automatic
7. Chamber dimensions: 220 x 300mm
8. Autoclave dimensions: 335 x 330 x 485mm
9. Packing size: 550*410*410mm
10. weight: Aluminum:19.4kg(including components) Stainless stell : 21.2kg(including components)
11. Net weight: 24kg
12. Gross weight: 32kg
13. Overall clearance: 10cm for each side of the autoclave
14. Clearance required for the movement of the door: 34cm
15. Clearance between the trays: 67mm(approximately)
16. Dimensions of the trays: 155x12x280mm(small)/200x12*280mm(large)
17. Power consumption: 285watts/hour
18. Maximum and minimum steam pressure: 0 to 4kgf/cm2
19. Temperature of drained water: 100 degree
20. Total heat in joules transmitted in one hour: 15 degree to 40 degree
21. Proper working alttitude: up to 3500m

Possible sterilization failures:

1. Presence of residual air in the chamber and/or in the package:
2. Packages are too big and heavy;
3. Inappropriate wrappings(material composition) for sterilization in steam autoclaves;
4. Insufficient exposure time to the sterilizing agent;
5. Incorrect handling of the autoclave by the operator;
6. Obstruction of the internal orifices and /or steam exit of the autoclave dueto the lack of daily cleaning;
7. Overloaded autoclave. The autoclave can be loaded up to 75% of its chamber capacity, that means 5 envelopes for Vitale Plus 12 or 13 envelopes when using the support. The use measures should be standardized for all cycles and offices. For this standardization see" Sterilization Monitoring Process". Never overlap packages;
8. Tearing/puncturing of the packages while loading or removing them from the autoclave;
9. Lack of autoclaves's preventive maintenance;
10. The chosen cycles is not suitable for the article to be sterilized;
11. Equipment failure, it must be observed by the operator during the cycle.

Package includes:

Main Machine: 1 each
other accessory 
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