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Home Autoclave Sterilizer 14L Class N Autoclave Sterilizer Fully Automatic For Dental Beauty and Tatoo with Printer

14L Class N Autoclave Sterilizer Fully Automatic For Dental Beauty and Tatoo with Printer

14L Class N Autoclave Sterilizer Fully Automatic For Dental Beauty and Tatoo with Printer
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14L Autoclave Sterilizer + Printer

















1. 4 new technology: 

a. Multi-protection safety lock
b. Widescreen LCD
c. Steam compensation techniques
d. Doublestage tandem type vacuum pump

2. Japan vacuum pump:

a. Noise is less than 60db
b. vacuum pump can highly reach -0.8KG/cm2
d. vacuum pumping efficiency is 30% higher than similar sterilizer.

3. Italian CEME Liquid Pump

4. Italian CEME Valve Body

5. PARKER Valve Body

6. Three Times Pulsation Vacuum:

The final vacuum can be up to -0.85bar, which ensure the air can be evacuated efficiently and achieve to saturated-vapor state. Thus the steam can completely permeate into the article with lace fabrics, hollow appliances (like handpiece) and packing articles, which is very important to sterilizing.

7. The humidity after Vacuum drying is less than 0.2%

The pulsing work is equipped with double series vacuum pump in the whole process of pulsing.

8. Separate steam generation technology:

Much safer and faster disinfection. With combining the steam compensation technique, it ensures the 134 degreen moist heat sterlization which is required by appliance.

9. Automatic door open and close system

10. Fully Automatic Operation: 

The whole process is self-checked and monitored by computer
11. Self evaluation system within disinfection process

12. Preset 8 concrete programs are listed according to their actual frequency of use. And what's more, added a hemophilus inactivation program.


Care and Maintenance:


1. Disinfect and clean the inside of the sterilizer with medical alcohol every month.
2. Change the fuse, when the fuse is bad, you must turn off the power first, and then change the fuse.
3. Clean the seal termly: You should clean the seal termly, to prevent the impurity, and improve sealability. If the sealability is bad, you should debus the seal and clean it. If the seal is bad, you must change it in time.
4. Change the seal:
a) When the seal is invalidation, you should change it in time. You may nip the border of the seal and take off it.
b) Clean the trough of fixing seal.
C) Kindly press the new seal into the trough of fixing seal till it enter completely. Don't use the knife-edge to stick or press the seal, such as screwdrever, knife and so on.

Transportation and storage:

1) The preparative of transportation and storage: Turn off the power, pull out the power plug, and cool the sterilizer.
2) The condition of transportation and storage: Circumstance temperature:-20℃-+55℃, relative humidity:<85%



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