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SKU:SY-D-S10(D)-220-HJ-D-SH37LN Voltage: 220V Plug: AU

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Marathon Micro Motor+45K RPM Handpiece

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Marathon Micro Motor+45K RPM Handpiece

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Item Description

Marathon Micro Motor+45K RPM Handpiece 



1. Very High-powered and quality 0-45,000rpm Made in Korea by SEAYANG
2. Tool exchange method using cam (twist the handle counter-clock wise to change the bur and can be easily restored back to the original position)
3. Non stage speed system (it's well designed to output from zero to 45,000rpm by using non stage speed system)
4. SKU: SY-D-S10(D)-220-HJ-D-SH37LN

Brand New MARATHON Handpiece
Made in Korea by SAEYANG
CE Certification
Type: SDE-SH37L M45
Max: 45,000rpm
Tips size :2.35mm
Input voltage:0-30V
1 x 45,000rpm Marathon Handpiece SH37LN
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