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Home Dental Lab Equipment Dental Moulding Unit Machine Forming Plastic Sheet

Dental Moulding Unit Machine Forming Plastic Sheet

Dental Moulding Unit Machine Forming Plastic Sheet
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 Dental Moulding Unit Machine Forming Plastic Sheet


This unit is is a necessary dental equipment for forming various kinds of plastic sheets, Such as: Orthodontic Braces,Whitening braces,Bruxism guards,Sport Mouthguards...



1. AX-PMU4 Pressure Moulding Unit means big advancements in the ease and handling of pressure moulding machine operation.

2. The material can be directly heated immediately after the heater is turned on,the pressure moulding process is complete before other machines reach working temperature. 

3. The material will be pressed vertically onto the model, instead of being turned over and pressed onto the model. In this way, all parts of the material will be pressed at the same time, achieving even moulding effect. 

4. Additionally, the thermostaticTechnology guarantees constant heating temperatures regardless of external influences such as room temperature.

5. The result is perfectly heated material and reproducable moulds every time.

6. The side of the material which is placed directly over the model is heated. The surface temperature of this side of the material is up to 60℃ higher than other methods. 

7. This technique, combined with the positive pressure moulding process,guarantees flawless adaptation for both thin and thick materials, up to 4-5mm.

8. SKU: AX-D-PMU4-220-AU


Technical Data:

Power Supply: 220V/110V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption:850W

Heating Time:10~120s (Adjustable) 

Pressure Time:10~60s (Adjustable) 

Temperature Range:Ambient Temp.~250℃

Pressure Range: 2~5Mpa

Film Diameter:125mm

Film Thickness:0.8~5mm

Optional Accessories:Oilless Air Compresspor

Dimensions: 40cm x 30cm x 22cm (H W D)

Shipping Dimensions: 46cm x 36cm x 30cm (H W D)

Weight: 16kg


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