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SKU:TS-D-14B(D)-220 Voltage: 220V Plug: AU

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Home Disinfection Item Autoclave Sterilizer 14L Dental Autoclave Sterilizer Vacuum Drying 3 times Pre-vacuum+Printer
14L Dental Autoclave Sterilizer Vacuum Drying 3 times Pre-vacuum+Printer

Athena Dental

14L Dental Autoclave Sterilizer Vacuum Drying 3 times Pre-vacuum+Printer

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Item Description

 14L Dental Autoclave Sterilizer Vacuum Drying 3 times Pre-vacuum+Printer



1. 4 new technology

Multi-protection safety lock

Wide liquid crystal screen 

Steam compensation techniques

Doublestage tandem type vacuum pump

2. Japan vacuum pump Noise is less than 60db, vacuum pump can highly reach -0.8KG/cm2, vacuum pumping efficiency is 30% higher than similar sterilizer.

3. Italian CEME liquid pump

4. Italian CEME valve body

5. PARKER valve body

6. Three times pulsation vacuum, the final vacuum can be up to -0.85bar, which ensure the air can be evacuated efficiently and achieve to saturated-vapor state. Thus the steam can completely permeate into the article with lace fabrics, hollow appliances (like handpiece) and packing articles, which is very important to sterilizing.

7. The humidity after Vacuum drying is less than 0.2%. The pulsing work equipped with double series vacuum pump when in the process of whole pulsing.

8. Separate steam generation technology, appliances are safer, disinfection are faster. Combines the steam compensation technique, ensure the 134 degreen moist heat sterlization as required by appliance.

9. Preset 8 concrete programs are listed according to their actual frequency of use. And what's more, added a hemophilus inactivation program.

10. Automatic door open and close system.

11. Fully automatic operation, the whole process computer self check and monitor.

12. Disintection process self evaluation system.

13. SKU: TS-D-14B(D)-220




1. LCD display, 8 programs Automaticly feeding water and draining water system easy to operate.

2. Full-Automatical operation, check and monitor by computer

3. Printer inside, note the sterilization process in details

4. Automatic and safety door lock system

5. Have an enaluation system of sterilization process

6. According to Europer B standard, with 3 times pre-vacuum

7. The water setting is full-automatic

8. Can show the reason of failure on LCD, do not need to check recording to code menu

9. Over heat control: When inner temperature is overheated, power will be shut down automatically and alarm system

10. Over pressure control: It have alarm system when over pressure.

11. Safety door lock system

12. Low water level indictor: It have alarm system when low water



Technical Data

Power supply: 230VAC ± 10% 50HZ/10A

Power: Max 1200VA

Dimensions of complete machine: W475*H410*D480mm

Chamber dimensions(mm): 250*280mm

Packing size: 630*600*500mm

Minimun desk size: 480*350mm

Net weight:37.5kg

Gross weight:45.5kg

Sterilize temperature:121℃/134℃

Control type: Full automatic microprocessor

Bacteria filter: Standard

Appliance tray: Stand 3 tayers

Printer: Matching

Operation enviroment: +2-40 indoor operation

Max relative humidity: 85% is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in Australia with lowest price guarantee.

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