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Home Dental X Rays JYF-10D Dental X-ray Unit

JYF-10D Dental X-ray Unit

JYF-10D Dental X-ray Unit
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JYF-10D Dental X-ray Unit 


1. The unit is particularly provided for synthesis hospitals、cavity specialty hospital and dental clinic to take photo.

2. JYF-10D dental x-ray unit is an essential diagnostic equipment for dentist with features as following: 

a). Simple structure: The x-ray generator, central controller and unit frame are integrated into one unit.
b). Good protection: The radiation is much lower than national protecting standard.
c). Digital circuit: The digital circuit makes exposure time accurately. 

3. Technical specifications

tube voltage: 60KV±10%
tube current: 8mA±20%
exposal time: 0.2~4.0s
exposal time: 0.01~9.99s
input power: <1350VA
irradiation diameter: 52mm
fuse: F5AL250VAC
capacity: 60KV . 8mA . 
the way of operation :Non-continuos,Maximum loading time is 9.99s,Intermittent   time of 5 minutes
the weigh of x-ray source:7.5Kg
the variation rate of high-voltage generator   1:226
manufactory:hangzhou wandong electrical Co.Ltd.
X-ray area:3.14x262(mm2)
The time of loading follows R’10
up-down range of X-ray head: ≥400mm
forward-back range of X-ray head: 700mm
level turning angle of head: 360°
rounding angle of head: 270°
life: 6 years

4. Environmental and working conditions 

a. Condition of transportation and store 
Environmental temperature: -20~70℃
Relative humidity:≤75%
Atmospheric pressure: 50~106Kpa
b. Conditions of operation
Environmental temperature: 10~40℃
Relative humidity:≤75%
Atmospheric pressure: 70~106Kpa
c. Power supply 
Single phase AC 220±22V;50Hz±1Hz
Power capacity:>1000VA
Power resistance:<2Ω

5. Package With

arm component       1    
stake                  1    
chair                 1    
x-ray generator 1    
ornamental ring 1    
Central meniscus 2    
screw M3 ×6         1    
connection jacket 1    
central controller 1    
spanner 5mm/8mm 1    
screwdriver         2    
x-ray controller 1    
Al piece 0.5/1.0 1     
fuse 5A                    4    
power wire         1    
ground wire         1    
exposure switch 1    
remote device         1    
operation manual    1    
base                 1  



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