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Home Accessories CP-1005V Fashion Type Earloop Mask

CP-1005V Fashion Type Earloop Mask

CP-1005V Fashion Type Earloop Mask
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COOPER expiratory valve with patent design, reducing heat and accumulating moistrue , more comfortable to breath

The wearer must read and understand these instructions prior to use. Please save these instructions for reference. Refer to information provided by the manufacturer.

Scope of application:
This protective product is applicable to the environment where there are a lot of powder dust and mist produced by mechanical force in handling coal, iron ore and quartz mineral or processing cotton, wheat flour and other materials, with the occupational exposure limits of 10 times and the concentration of dust and mist below the limit specified by local laws and regulations. This product is especially applicable to preventing respiratory disease caused by haze, PM2.5 powder dust.

Inapplicable Scope:
This product is not suitable for paint spraying and sandblasting and it cannot offer protections from harmful gases and vapors. Since the mask does not produce oxygen, it can not be used in the environment where the oxygen concentration is lower than 19.5%. The environment can not be used in environment full of oil mist.

Use limits and warnings:
1. The wearer should firstly receive the proper use training and fit testing before wearing this protective mask.
2. This protective mask can not be used when the pollutant concentration endangers lives or health, do not use the respirator.
3. When you feel breathless, dizzy or uncomfortable in any way, you should immediately leave the contaminated area.
4. If the protective mask is damaged or the breathing resistance becomes excessively strong, you should use a new mask.
5. You should check whether the protective mask is in a good working condition or not prior to use.
6. Check all parts of protective mask for any signs of damage including two headbands, nose clip and fixing nails.
7. This protective mask can not be modified, cleaned, misused or used incorrectly.
8. If your beard, facial hair, or other facial features hinder a perfect adhesion of mask edge to the face;this protective mask can not be used.
9. This product can be used within the scope of application specified by the governmental laws and regulations.
10. If you do not follow instructions and during the use when you wear this protective mask,and/ or if you are unable to wear this protective mask through the entire process of exposure to contaminants, it will reduce the effectiveness of protective masks and may cause disease or permanent damage to health.

Storage condition and period of validity:
This unopened product should be stored in conditions with the temperature ranging from -20℃ to+30'C and the relative humidity less than 80%. The period of validity is five years counted since the date of production.
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