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Home Autoclave Sterilizer XS-052 UV Sterilizer

XS-052 UV Sterilizer

XS-052  UV Sterilizer
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This product uses Ultraviolet Rays for Sterilization which is suitable to eliminate the germ on glass, metal, plastic tools, metal, plastic tools,lt provides a clean germ-tree environment for storage of implements and tools , etc.

Power: 15W
Voltage: 220V/110v
Frequency: 50Hz
Capacity: 15L
Disinfection time: 15min
Dimension size: 64.5*23*47.5cm
Dackage dimension: 69*28*56cm

1)Please put the tools on the plate welt-distrib used after the tool has been cleaned and bry.
2)Put the cabinet on a stable place or hang It on a vertical wall.
3)Close the door, make sure that the door control is on before you put on the power
4 )Inspect the UV tube working or not . If not working,open the door after cut off the power. rotate the UV tube tightly , to make sure itconnects well with the tube socket.
5)The cabinet is equipped with door-control system, the power
  Will be automatically cut off when the door is opened.
6)15 minutes sterilizing time is enough to sterilize any tools.

1)It is unsuitable to sterilize liquid.
2) For the sake of safety please cut off the power before
  you open the door
3)When cleaning the cabinet,please use the wet towel and
  don't flush with water.
4)lf there is any breakdown during the course of using,
  please feel free to contact the maintenance personnel.
  Do not try to dismantle by unauthorized people.
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