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SKU:LY-A-SU-45B-LED Hole:4

SKU:LY-A-SU-45B-LED Hole:4

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Dental Fiber Optic LED Surgical 45 Degree High Speed Handpiece E-generator 4Hole AU Stock

Dental Fiber Optic LED Surgical 45 Degree High Speed Handpiece E-generator 4Hole AU Stock

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Item Description


1. Low Noise, Standard Head
2. Vibration Free, Heating free, High illumination
3. Can be used without fiber optic system
4. 45°angle, opening cartridge, single spray
5. B Class, 3 months warrenty
6. Application: for block tooth/Wisdom tooth operation
7. Back siphonage prevention sanitation handpiece
Working air pressure: 0.20MPa-0.30Mpa
Rotation speed: 370,000- 420,000 rpm
Bur applicable: 1.595~1.600mm
Cartridge: Unenclosed, push button
Bearing: Ceramic
Noise: ≤70dB
Sterilization by autoclave: at (135) °C
Head Hight: 13.14mm
Head Diameter: Φ11.2 mm
1 x 45 Degree Surgical Handpiece
1 x Cap wrench
1 x Needle
1 x English Operation Manual
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