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Home Dental Handpiece JM Internal Water Spray Low Speed Handpiece M2

JM Internal Water Spray Low Speed Handpiece M2

JM Internal Water Spray Low Speed Handpiece M2
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JM Internal Water Spray Low Speed Handpiece M2



1. Internal water spray looks more beautiful. our appearance is special with high recognition of personality,
2. Dentists operate more convenient, do not worry can not find the "water pipe"
3. Internal water spray water hole design is 0.2mm away from the bur, making the water position more accurate.
4. Two years warranty, life span is twice as long as the internal water spray.
5. There is Cellular structure in the air motor. We have a patented technology that when the air motor turns hot, the first injection of oil will be outside from the cellular structure and automatic lubrication inside accessories. when the air motor is stop working, the oil will seep back To the cellular structure and the next time will automatically lubricating, which reduce the number of oiling and improve air motor life span
6. It is more convenient to operate with internal water spray instead of water pipe claws connected


Water pressure:198Kpa (2Kg)
Forward rotation speed:16000-22000rpm
Reverse rotation speed:16000-22000rpm
Torque:0.4 (N) -0.45 (N)
Bur size:Φ2.235(mm)
Water flow rate:90 (min / ml) -110 (min / ml)
Working pressure:0.28Mpa-0.3Mpa
Noise:≤ 65dB
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