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Home Dental Equipment Teeth Whitening Machine Tooth Drier for Teeth Whitening and Orthodontics YS-D-AD-A

Tooth Drier for Teeth Whitening and Orthodontics YS-D-AD-A

Tooth Drier for Teeth Whitening and Orthodontics YS-D-AD-A
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Tooth Drier for Teeth Whitening and Orthodontics YS-D-AD-A



1. Tooth Drier is very usefuI when you do the Teeth whitening Operation and Orthodontics Operation. Because the dry teeth is very important and necessary. The three-way syringe was easily contaminated as dentin surfaces or moisture while use it to dry the teeth. Cause to reduca the bond effect.It is estimated that as many as 50% of all clinic could be contaminated with moisture.                                      
2. But after using tooth dryer, improve bond strength up to 30%. It is also been shown that warming the tooth has a positive effect on resins including degree of cure.tensile bond strength and shear bond strength of composite resin to tooth surfaces. This item comes with an Autoclavable Nozzle. That is convenience to steilized to prevent cross infection between patients.  
3. For teeth whitening and dental orthodontic operation, the dryer is very practical and necessary because the teeth should to keep dry, wet tooth surface can result in adhesive bonding effect down.
4. The use of dental drying after the tooth can effectively improve the adhesive strength is up to 30%, which can obviously promote the composite resin curing strength, tensile adhesive strength, shear bond strength, resin bonding effect in.
5. The nozzle can be disassembled and disinfection, effectively prevent cross infection.


Voltage: 110V Wind speed:30 mph wind
Temperature: hot and cold(50℃ and 90℃)
The Nozzle can be sterilized in 135 centigrade
Net weight: 0.35kg
Gross Weight: 0.4KG
Measurement: 220×145×55mm


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