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Home Dental Equipment Teeth Whitening Machine C-Smart Ultracold Teeth Whitening Light DY-02 with Arms Support

C-Smart Ultracold Teeth Whitening Light DY-02 with Arms Support

C-Smart Ultracold Teeth Whitening Light DY-02 with Arms Support

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C-Smart Ultracold Teeth Whitening Light DY-02 



The C-Smart ultracold light teeth whitening technology is based on the revolutionary photo source under the diameter nanometer oxidization byp hotochem reaction touching environment new whitening technology, through superficial nano particles and the photolysis characteristic, under the low temperature and the normal temperature condition, activates most oxygen hydrogens rapidly. Stimulates the single track oxygen atom, can rapidly the oxygenolysis, thus forms to the macro-molecule dyeing and the metallic ion dyeing carries on the dual disposable whitenings.
1. New-style structure and unique form, compact and elegance
2. Double handles, drug type arm, multi-angle adjustment to make the operate more flexibly 
3. Unique semi-circular head design, both arches whitened at the same time10s and 30s as a curing ligh, 1-30minutes as a whitening accelerator
4. 6 light intensities, suitable for more brands tooth whitening gel 
5. LCD module screen shows all the information, all the operation is so easy
6. Chairside/integrated type is available


1. Uses the arsenic/gallium semiconductor double to touch the stimulation narrowly,abolishes uses the ultraviolet and infrared,ceases the quantity of heat to accumulate,achieves the safe ultra strong active whitening effect.
2. DY-01 the ultracold light technology can activate mose hydrogen peroxide rapidly,enhances the free oxygen atom to the tooth surface permeability, thus elimination tooth in -depth coloration.
3. Uses the two-row type LED way arrangement release bluish green cold light,its specific wave length and the high density photo source can accelerate to catalyze on tooth’s whitening medicinal preparation ,causes the tooth whitening process to be faster..
4. The unique design, the non-toxic silica gel mouth wrap replacement is convenient,guarantees in the stop tone to be a carrier the cross infection.
5. Uses the new electrical power system,may adapt the voltage to change big urban and the local use,the output is stable,the power loss in low,but long time continuous working,
6. LCD the screen may demonstrate the treatment course tine,makes the tooth momentarily to understand the surplus time,with ease grasps the treatment progress,reduces the time which the patient waited.



Mains input: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 HZ
Power: 50W
The LED tube outputs: 2 groups, 3 of each group. Altogether 6 with teeth Health checking light 2 pcs 5 watts white light can check client’s teeth status before whitening treatment.
Blue light wave length: 450-480NM.
LED tube life: 10,000 hours
Blue light degree of illumination: 10,000 MW/CM2
Packing size: 580*480*150mm
Net weight: 3.8kg
Gross weight: 4.8kg


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Main part *1
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Goggles *1
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