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VAFU LED Curing Light 1s to Cure

VAFU LED Curing Light 1s to Cure
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VAFU LED Curing Light 


Technical specifications

Dimensions : 33mm*27mm*206mm
Net weight :170g
Configurations :Fir details ,see the packing list.
Power supply :Different power suppy
              Power supply is Rechargeable battery.
              Rechargeable Lithium nattery.
              Standard voltage :3.7v ,Capacity:2200mAh
              battery model :ICR 18650 ,with protection for overvoltage ,overcurrent and short-cricuits.
Power Adapter
Input:100-240v 50/60Hz
Fuse : T1A 250V
Input power :5VA
Outout :5V  1A


Features of LED light:

Watt high power blue LED light
Wave length :400nm-480nm
Checking :LED light works under proper use.
Radiation: ≥850mW/cm2
Optical effective area :75mm2
LED Curing Light is applicable to some commonly-used resin based materials in dental clinic, such as 3M ,Dentsply etc.
Working condition
Environment temperatire :5℃-40℃
Relative humidity: ≤80%
Atmosphere temperature:75kPa-106kPa
Equipment Safety Classification
Operation mode :Intermittent operation mode
Protection type against electric shock :class II, power supply inside the set.
Protection degree against ehectric shock :type B.
Protection degree against inlet liquid :conventional equipent(IPX0)
Safetu in the case of flammable anesthetic mixture with air , oxygen or nitrous oxide (not AP equipment or APG equipment)
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