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SKU:JK-M-PSQ(L)-O-B2 Hole:2 Color: Orange

SKU:JK-M-PSQ(L)-O-M4 Hole:4 Color: Orange

SKU:JK-M-PSQ(L)-R-M4 Hole:4 Color: Red

SKU:JK-M-PSQ(L)-R-B2 Hole:2 Color: Red

SKU:JK-M-PSQ(L)-B-B2 Hole:2 Color: Blue

SKU:JK-M-PSQ(L)-B-M4 Hole:4 Color: Blue

SKU:JK-M-PSQ(L)-BL-M4 Hole:4 Color: Black

SKU:JK-M-PSQ(L)-BL-B2 Hole:2 Color: Black

SKU:JK-M-PSQ(L)-G-B2 Hole:2 Color: Green

SKU:JK-M-PSQ(L)-G-M4 Hole:4 Color: Green

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Home Air Polisher Air Prophy Dentist Handy Teeth Polishing Luxury Jet Air Polisher

Dentist Handy Teeth Polishing Luxury Jet Air Polisher

Dentist Handy Teeth Polishing Luxury Jet Air Polisher
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Dental Handy Teeth Polishing Luxury Jet Air Polisher

1. Attractive design allows for dexterous handling & manipulation
2. Small and handy, compatible will all 4-hole turbine units
3. 360°rotation assures effective hidden tartar removal
4. Disperses evenly with no splashing
5. Specially designed to prevent backflow and blockage
6. Easy to clean and simple to maintain
7. Easy to replace the working heads of the dental air polisher

Autoclavable Temperature:135(But just both the sides, not the middle part)
Water Pressure: 0.05MPa - 0.5MPa
Air Pressure: 0.2MPa-0.5MPa
Max. Water Flow: 30ml/min
Max. Powder Flow: 2g-3g/min

Packing list
Air polisher x 1
Spare covers x 1
Nozzle x 1
Nozzle cleaner x 1
Gasket x 1
Instruction manual x 1







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