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Dental Curing Light LED Lamp Light Cure Unit YS-B-III

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Dental Curing Light LED Lamp Light Cure Unit YS-B-III

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Item Description

New Curing Light  YS-B-III Type

Product introduction
1. This product is used in fast solidification by lighting
dental resin.It is a new generation of standard developed LED curing light, with humanity intelligent chip, the world advanced high intensity LED light and Li-on rechargeable battery, which is based on YY0055-2002, It can cure all the dental resin in the market nowadays,
2. Its performance is further surpass the halogen curing light's, which can solidify 4-5mm deepness in 20 seconds.



Standard accessories
1.Curing light + high capacitance rechargeable battery (each one set)
2.Special charger + special charger socket (each one set)
3.Operation manual and maintenance card


Technical parameters
Power voltage AC100-240V 50-60Hz
Input power 5W
Light intensity:1200mw/cm2
Wavelength 400-500mm





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