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Home Dental LED Curing Light Wireless Curing Light Denjoy Dental Curing Light Wireless 5W LED Lamp DY400-4

Denjoy Dental Curing Light Wireless 5W LED Lamp DY400-4

Denjoy Dental Curing Light Wireless 5W LED Lamp DY400-4
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Denjoy® Dental Curing Light Wireless DY400-4 5W LED Lamp


1. Light intensity: 1100mW/cm, 5 watt LED
2. Beep at each 5-seconds  to indicate remaining curing time
3. Various Curing Time: seven preset curing time 5/10/15/20/25/30/40 seconds.
4. Three Preset Programs
        a. Fast mode: Full power all the time
        b. Soft 1 mode: Generally increasing power in first 5 seconds, then full power till the end.
        c. Soft 2 mode: Generally increasing power in first 5 seconds, then half power till the end.
5. Equipped with radiating fan to enure the durable performance
6. Inner Build-in light meter within the base  
7. Cord/cordless inchargeable. When running out of the battery, the unit can be operated directly within the switching power adapter.
8. High Output:: Full supply of power can satisfy 10-second curing time for 200 times
9.  Specially design for Eye-protection cover tip--autoclave 135℃. It is very convenient to make curing on the molar teeth.
10. Specially made battery:reliable and powerful 
      a. To support continuous time for 40 minutes and curing time at 35S and 40S.
     When the dentists use curing time at 30S/35S/40S often, if there is no reliable and powerful battery as strongest      supporter, the lamp is easily aging to short the life.
      b. To ensure the inactive time of 200 hours. If the unit is nonuse, the unit will have electricity power inside for the       duration of about three months. 
      c. To guarantee the stability of performance
     To some degree, it will also keep up the reputation and credit of distributor
11. Color: Blue/Orange/Green


1. Classification: Class I
2. Power source:
a) Power supply-power charger: 
input: 100-240v,50-60Hz output voltage: 8.7-8.7V DC
output current: 500mA
b) Internal power supply-Lithium battery
Voltage:7.4v  Capacity:1350mAh
Charging time: Approx. 2.5hours(New Battery for 4 hours)
Continuous operating time: Avg. 40min with fully charged battery
3. Led lampz: Model:5W  Wavelength:420-480nm
4. Dimension: W300*H120*D150mm
5. Packing size:300*285*880mm
6. Net weight: about 700g
7. Gross weight:about 900g

Paclkage With

Handpiece x 1                   
Charging base x 1                  
Charger x 1  
Eye-protecting cover x 3       
Optic light guide x 1               
User manual x 1 



1. This unit can not be dismantled privately; otherwise the unit will be damaged wholly.
2. For non-use for a long time, the unit should be cleaned and then put away it inside the original package.
3. Be sure there is no any resin or material sticking on the surface of the light guide.
4. If the materials are sticking on the light guide, immediately clean it with cloth. Keep it clean for better light output and curing performance.
5. The light guides should be sterilized after each use. It can be safely autoclaved at 120℃, 1060hpa for 30minutes.
6. The other accessories such as oval protector...ect, which is close to patients should be scrubbed by pure water or antiseptic and follows the standard disinfection procedure to disinfect the materials.
7. Please use the orginal charger, any other charger may result in the damage of the battery and the controlled electric circuit; even the machine will be greatly damaged.
Storage & Transport environment:
Ambient temperature: -40℃-+55℃
Relative humidity range:10%-90%
Atmospheric pressure: 500Pa-1060hpa
Handle with care.





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