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COXO Vitality Pulp Tester C-PULSE

COXO Vitality  Pulp Tester  C-PULSE
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The Pulp Tester is a kind of instrument that produces pulse current, and makes electric stimulation to the tooth nerve, and record the reacting value the nerve to the electirc stimulation in order to estimate the livingless of the nerve. It mostly assures the precision of the dentist's judgment to the tooth nerve of the patient.


1. Preset speed mode (high-mid-low speed)
2. A gentle, pulsed stimulus begins to increase at a rate
3. Specifically designed for patient comfort
4. If the patient indicates perception, simply release the button. The stimulus stops immediately, but the numbers remain frozen on the screen for about 3 minutes.
5. Convenient to operate
6. Maximum stimulus---80 Between 0-40, the patient feels ache and anethesia, alive teeth nerve
7. Between 40-80, with above-mentioned reaction, part of teeth nerve dead; 80, no above-mentioned reation, dead teeth nerve
8. The device turns itself off in three minutes after operation( No wasted batteries)


Specifation & technical index

1. Input voltage: DC9.0V
2. Output voltage: 80V
3. Output current: 90mA
4. Working voltage: DC6.0 10V
5. Safety classification: Inner power supply, type B, running for a short time.
6. Size:186*38*24mm
7. Net weight: about 220g
8. Volume: 210*40*40mm
9. Net weight: 0.3kg
10. Gross weight: 0.35kg
11.. Packing material: carton


1. Keep the Pulp-Tester clean and store it somewhere dry and clean when the instrument is left unused for a long time.
2. Do not take part the instrument at radom. Please contact the manufacturers or the local dealers in case quality problem is discovered.
3. Parts like stainless electrode and test probe which have direct contact with the patient should be disinfected by autoclave each time after used. The crust of the instrument and the wire should be disinfected by the ethanol(75%) each month.

Packing list

Main unit*1
Test probe( longer&shorter)*2
Test wire*1
Stainless electrode*4
Usage manual*1
Ship From Australia
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