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Victory Elite V-DIM-I Dental Implant Motor

Victory Elite V-DIM-I Dental Implant Motor
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Victory® Elite V-DIM-I Dental Implant Motor



 This new dental implant motor is the newest product of Victory. It same as NSK type dental implant machine dental implant motor, which is also with LCD display, control panel and multifunctional foot switch. This offer great convenience and hygiene caused by hand touch.


Main Features

1. Intuitive LCD display and control panel, which bring convenience to the operation;
2. Original imported brushless motor, which is characterized by great torque, low noise, non-vibrations as well as accuracy and can be sterilized by high temperature;
3. Alternative input supply voltage: AC100-110V or AC220-240V;
4. Multifunctional foot switch, which is not only handy to operate but also against cross-infection caused by the contact between hands and the device;
5. Adjustable rotation speed, torque, coolant flow and forward/reverse, which can meet various demands during implanting process;
6. Ten types of reduction control angles, which are able to be selected as you need for operations;
7. Ten kinds of program settings, each of which allows setting up different numerical values of rotation speed, torque, coolant flow, forward/reverse or reduction ratio for practical needs.
8. You could connect the contra angle of any ratio (For example 20:1) you need with our brushless motor.











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