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Home Intraoral Camera Wired Camera MLG® WIFI Intra Oral Camera 2.5 inch LCD M-888 With Free WIFI Device
MLG® WIFI Intra Oral Camera 2.5 inch LCD M-888 With Free WIFI Device


MLG® WIFI Intra Oral Camera 2.5 inch LCD M-888 With Free WIFI Device

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Item Description

MLG® WIFI Intra Oral Camera 2.5 inch LCD M-888 With Free WIFI Device



1. 1/4 SONY CCD high resolution intra oral camera.
2. With high resolution, high performance and auto focus.
3. Built-in 6pcs high brightness long-life white LED.
4. The Front Five control buttons: freeze, save, previous image, next image, delete, and the reverse side control buttons: freeze and save.
5., Innovative Design , it can be displayed one images, four small images, and nine small images, two kinds of capture angles, display the clear images
6. Optional 2.5inch LCD screen let dentists take pictures more convenient. Please click here.
7. It can save 9999 pcs pictures in USB flash disk.
8.Video and VGA output functions.
9. It can record the video by the remote control, size of memory according the U disk, the picture and the video can be save to USB flash disk permanent.
10. Suitable for NTSC /PAL.
11. WI-FI device can transmit the camera’s images to mobile phone, Tablet PC and computer at the same time.


Compared with intraoral camera in the market, this one have these adavantage

1.Appearance:Use the piano lacquer bake case, excellent texture, and can make different color according to the customer’s demond.

2. Hand shank: The front five buttons: freeze/save, full/quad/nine image, previous image, next image, delete, and the reverse side buttons: freeze and save, let the doctor take pictures more convenient.

3. Function
A. Support one image, four images, nine images, makes the doctor easier to explain to patient. 
B. Can save 9999 piece images.
C. This machine can recording video, the video recording time can be up to several hours.
D. Can transmit the signal through WI-FI and through the USB flash disk ,the images could be permanently stored.
Advantage: No need to installation, no need to install the computer beside the machine,no need much space, make the operation more convenient, and can be used one-to-many.

4. Memory function 
A. Not only can save in computer but also the Android mobile phone and tablet computer, Iphone and Ipad.
B. The images can be automatically stored in the mobile phone, tablet, computer, make the operation more humanity.





Pic Shows the camera conenct to computer and phone directly. 
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