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Dental Chair Portable Folding Chair


Dental Chair Portable Folding Chair

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Item Description

Model GU-P109A-2 Portable Folding Chair


Model GU-P109A-2 folding chair set is launched with various new modifications on its original type, application and structure. This product is featured by its light weight and flexibility in movement, positioning as well as its unique design, solidity and stability of structure, and convenience of folding and unfolding. The structure of this product is made of quality angle steel components with sprayed plastic coating finished by acid-washing. It is suitable for a lot of applications such as dental treatment, transfusion, beauty salon, leisure resting, etc.



The key technical parameters include: height of seat surface above ground - 240~640 mm; range of back rest angle: 100°~175°; and the loading capacity is compliant with the 135kg standard required on the chair for dental patient. Packing volume: 102×55×28(cm); Gross weight≈27kg.
This product is primarily consisted of back rest, cushion support, pedal and front/rear frame etc. (see Fig.1 for details).

1, Adjustable seat height: 500-600mm
2, Backrest angle of inclination: 110~180°C
3, Headrest distance of movement: 80mm
4, Headrest angle of rotation: ≥25°
5, Max affordable weight: 200kg
6, Operation Light 1set
7, Instrument tray 1set
8, Packing: Hard Carton
9. Packing Dimension: 102×55×28(cm)
10. Gross Weight ≈27kg. 
11. SKU:  GL-D-109(A)N-220

Packing List:
1set Front/rear chair feet and cushion frame;
1set Headrest;
1set Backrest support;
1set Operation light;
1 Set waste basin

1pc 6" reversible screwdriver;
1pc 17/14mmhexegonal wrench;
1set Instrument tray;
1set Right/left armrest;
1pc English Operation Manual.


Caution: the charging socket must be compliant with electric standards. Never use the light which charging. Keep it away from flammable and explosive materials. The charging period must not exceed 24 hours, and switch it off or disconnect it from power socket after sufficient charging.
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