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Your Position: Home Marathon Micro Motor Micro Motor Handpiece Marathon SH37LN handpiece 45,000rpm

Marathon SH37LN handpiece 45,000rpm

Marathon SH37LN handpiece 45,000rpm

Guaranty: 12 Months Warranty

Payment: Paypal / Credit Card (See all details)

Shipping: FREE �?DHL / Fedex delivery (See all details)

Returns: Accepted within 30 days

Dispatch: Australia / Out Of Australia Both Available

Item Description


  • Marathon SH37LN handpiece 45,000rpm


  • Features

  • 1. 0-45,000 rpm,brush motor

    2. Unique design adopted on the head of hand piece so that bearing can be protected from damage.

    3. Powerful torsion and super fast performance

    4. Tools are able to be installed on its head so that the repairing is easily operated.

    5. If necessar, four different models of three valve spring can be choosed,1.6mm,3.0mm,3.175mm,2.35mm .





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