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SKU:JT-D-19C-220 Voltage: 220V

SKU:JT-T-19C-110 Voltage: 110V

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Home Dental Lab Equipment Trimmer JT® Wet Model Trimmer diamond Disc Wheel JT-19C
JT® Wet Model Trimmer diamond Disc Wheel JT-19C

JT® Wet Model Trimmer diamond Disc Wheel JT-19C

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Item Description

 JT® Wet Model Trimmer diamond Disc Wheel JT-19C


1. Connect one end of the water tube to the nozzle of the wet model trimmer and the other end to
     the tap, open the valve 

2. Connect the waste-disposal tube to the unit 

3. Connect the power cord, and switch on the power switch (O=off, l=on)

4. When braking, it is normal to hear clicking before the sand tablet  stops. If the sand tablet 
    makes unusually loud noises, remove it, and  use the included hex-wrench to adjust the 
    screw on the back cover (18) 

5. To check if you need to replace the abrasive disk, rotate the disk by hand and estimate: if the 
    platform jumps more than 2mm,  change the  disk. After replacing the disk, make sure to tighten
    the ring on the platform 8 (closest to the outside of the sand tablet)

6. SKU: JT-D-19C-220    JT-D-19C-110



If there is some abnormal noise when working on

Possible reason:① Axon is loosing ② Disc is not plain enough。

How to solve it:①Dissemble the disc⒃ with spanner,make the snap

Ring tightly;② change the disc。

The machine does not work when power on

Possible reason:① fuse get burnt;② motor get burnt;③ switch get wrong。

How to solve it:① change the fuse(22) which inside the socket;② change the motor;③ change the switch.



Voltage: <A>220V/50Hz±10% ,    <B>110V/60Hz±10%

Power: 500W                                    Rotational Speed: 2800 rpm 

Dimensions: 44×35×35cm             Weight of the dental trimmer: 20kg



1x JT-19C Wet Model Trimmer

Warranty: one year


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