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Home Root Canal Endodontic Root Canal Treatment Motor Endo Motor 1:1 Contra Angle C-Smart Mini for Endodontic Treatment

Endo Motor 1:1 Contra Angle C-Smart Mini for Endodontic Treatment

Endo Motor 1:1 Contra Angle C-Smart Mini for Endodontic Treatment
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Endo Motor 1:1 Contra Angle C-Smart Mini Endodontic Treatment



1. Wireless handpiece, sample and lightness
2. LCD screen display, keyboard operating ,easy to use
3. Original switzerland surgical brushless motor
4. Large rechargeable Li-ion battery
5. Detachable1:1 mini contra angle, multi-angle, can be autoclaved sterilization.
6. Speed and torque can be adjusted
7. Multiple reverse mode, especially the 90°reciprocating rotate mode
8. Recharge very fast by connecting the adaptor
9. Automatically shut down after 3min without any operation and memory the last executed program.
10. Incredibly lightweight
11. The design is exquisite
12. Very comfortable

Technical Data

Adapter working voltage: AC100-240V,50/60Hz
5 Settings for adjustable rotational speed, ranging from 125 to 625rpm
Adjustable torque, rang:
Packing size: 200*120*90mm
Net weight: 0.5kg
Gross weight: 0.7kg
QTC per master carton: 12pc/ctn

Storage and transportation

1.This equipment should be move carefully, away from the shock, and install or keep in the place that is try and cool.
2.Avoid being storage with the tox, corrosive, flammable, explosive products.
3.During the transportation, shock and impact should be avoided, and lift safety.

Standard configuration

Contra angle*1
Endodontic handle*1
The charging base*1




1.Auto reverse function:
The auto reverse function actives when the preset torque level has been exceeded and can be set to operate in the following modes:
When the torque comes up to the limit value that has been set,file rotates counter-clockwise automatically,and will rotate clockwise again when the torque disappears.
2.One-File Reciprocation
Counterclockwise 120°,clockwise 30°,to promote efficiency and simplify of the operation.
Fit into One-File. 



















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